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Contractor Testimonials

Saves money
“I came across JDog when I had to inform a customer the debris I left in their driveway would not be picked up for a few days. She said I should just give JDog a call. I did, and it was the best call I have ever made. JDog schedules me within 24hours and lets me get on to my next project to keep the revenue flowing”
Sam Evans
Owner of Deck Medics
Less Overhead
“ Jim at JDog is always at the ready when I call with a crew of guys to come by after a project of ours and clean up. I was just about to purchase a trailer and hire a crew for this when I came across JDog. Saves me a lot of hassle and overhead on my books. Thanks Jim!”
Steve Lambert
Handy Pros
“Wow, can’t say enough. We always had a problem with tenants dumping large items at our dumpster. Now we have JDog come by the property 3 times a week to maintain those areas are we are delighted with the results.”
Community Options
Northeast PA

We've catered our services for Contractors.

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Lehigh Valley is not just a hired service. We partner with your business to assist in efficiency and profitability. We offer same day service to expedite project deadlines, offer free onsite estimates creating a plan to minimize cost, and allow you peace of mind to move on to your next project knowing the clean up is in excellent care.

Whether you complete a bathroom renovation, roof replacement, or full demolition JDog has the capabilities and rates to save you on overhead and make cleanup a snap.

Unique Contractor Services

Dumpsters Service

Same Day Pick-Up

Staging Cleanup

Foreclosures Cleanup

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling has set up the services to allow you greater flexibility for site clean-up. Our crews provide trash collection, sweeping and debris removal which can either be set up as a daily appointment or at the completion of the project. We understand every project is different, so we are always here to tailor your service to your needs. Call today to learn more on how to maximize your profit and schedule in a partnership with JDog.

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